Sound Art projects

University of Cambridge  McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research


Ladino Speaker Project performance May 2016

Christies Gallery 2016

‘100 for 100’ exhibition

Ben Uri Gallery 2016

Continuing Narratives of Identity and Migration‘ exhibition

Ben Uri Gallery Opening Title

Exhibited Sound and Text  artwork ‘Ladino Speaker’

‘Side by Side’ Living in Cazenove Exhibition 

Hackney Museum: January- May 2014

The ‘Side by Side’ exhibition at Hackney Museum was part of the national ‘Our Museum’ Project funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.
Three artworks were made as part of the project exhibition in 2014.This included a performed walk with 40 participants around the Cazenove ward as part of the Sounds of Cazenove project.

The exhibition explored ideas around what is community specific to a real geographical place in Hackney and is part of a wider national museum programme called ‘Our Museum’ funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

‘Sounds of Cazenove’

Making contact with the local community over a long period of time, I interviewed people who live and work in the ward and recorded local diverse groups and people who are contributing in some way to being part of a group or community.The starting point was to question what is community and how do people living and sharing a specific geographic space consider the word community.

The work that came out of the art project was exhibited in the Hackney museum and I also developed the work as a walk which worked in parallel to the work in the museum where you could meet the voices of local poets,singers,cooks,religious figures,social reformers and historians of both past and present and listen to performances at specific points and buildings en route.

Sounds of Cazenove walk

3 SNUG 2Florence du Vergier

Cazenove Ward 6 Arnold Wesker .Laurie Elks 7 6 Arnold Wesker .Laurie Elks 2

Arnold Wesker

5 Wordlovers society 4 The Wordlovers Poetry Society3 SNUG 4Stoke Newington User Group

‘Working Portraits of Cazenove’

A series of portraits of working people who live in the Cazenove ward were invited to have their portrait taken and were recorded in conversation about their trade and the local community .The sonic portraits were exhibited in Hackney Museum as part of the Side by Side exhibition.

2014-05-17 13.13.53

Working Portraits at Hackney Museum

Mechanics-web-  Mechanics

‘Purim on Cazenove’ Film

The film was made in collaboration with Tanya Harris and was exhibited at Hackney Museum.The film was about the festival Purim which is celebrated by the Jewish community living in the Cazenove Ward and Hackney every year. The film included interviews with members of the Jewish community living in the Cazenove Ward including Rabbi Gluck and children who attend Simon Marks School.

Purim 053

photo copyright Tanya Harris 2014



Ground Control
curated by David Moxon‘Ground Control’ at Elements Art Space engages artists across disciplines such as experimental drawing, painting, photographic image, film, sculpture, installation and sound.Henri Lefebvre, discussed in The Production of Space, that ‘Space is reduced to the illusory space of two dimensional representations. Space is no longer something concrete and opaque, that is, something to be experienced and lived (as well as perceived and conceived); it is now something abstract and transparent, something to be looked at passively and from a distance, without being lived directly. What is seen is not space, but an image of space.The aim of this exhibition is to explore how artists control this space, this conceived ground, picture plane, canvas rectangle, wall, paper-surface, imagined or sonic space. The works define this through defacing the surface, overlaying, folding, offsetting and allowing the surface to fall away.

2nd – 5th December 2012
Elements Art Space
Midland Road
BA2 3ENDavid Moxon, Peter Dickinson, Srin Surti, Stephen Buckridge, Ben Cove, William Stein, Clare Wilson, Paul Vivian, Dragica Carlin, Greg Burgoyne, Ashley West, Jess Marlowe, Brendan Lancaster, Trevor Kiernan and Jason 2011

‘Mapping Your Manor’ Lucy Harrison– sound editor and mixer. The soundtracks are intended to be used while walking around and through the Olympic Park. Mapping Your Manor was commissioned by the Olympic Delivery Authority and supported by Arts Council England.


Chutney Preserves Art Fair

‘The Recording of the Last Animal’ Sound Piece played as part of the Camberwell Art Fair.



Performer, Narrator

‘As if it were the last time’ Subtlemob piece by Duncan Speakman toured internationally.

Audiences were invited to download an MP3 and turn up at a secret location to listen to the track at a specified time.
On the soundtrack the audience would hear the composed soundtrack along with narration and instructions.

Two MP3 files were made available, so the audience were divided in half. While one group was instructed to perform a simple scene the other group heard this described as if it were a film scene, but they could actually see it happening around them.

Throughout the piece these roles of watcher/performer alternated between the groups, ever increasing in pace until by the end they are all performing/watching simultaneously.

The work was a snapshot image of contemporary Britain, allowing the audience to watch it, reflect on it, and live it. It explored ideas of how mobile technology can create social disconnection in shared public spaces. It also looked for ways to use those same technologies to create connections between strangers and friends, to savour the moment and the temporary space that was created during the performance.

Sound Performance with Clare Gasson as part of ‘Have a Look Have a Look’ show  at Form Content Gallery, East London

‘Hand to mouth’ by Clare Gasson

PROPELLOR ISLAND Show South Kensington

Sound Performance Piece ‘Translation’

Artist solo work ‘Drawing in the Oral Tradition- Drawing Exchange @Spike IslandGallery, Bristol


Joined  performance company Uninvited Guests as collaborator,performer and sound artist/composer.

Internationally toured shows include:

Guesthouse performed at The Arnolfini,Bristol,UK

Film National Tour,UK

Offline International tour and residency at Mousonturm-Frankfurt,Germany

Formed in Bristol in 1998, Uninvited Guests make entertaining and provocative performance. Our work represents a contemporary reality, in which memories of movies are as much part of our experience as intimate dialogues with lovers. We work in various contexts and constellations, focusing mainly on performance but also producing installation and digital media. Recent work has blurred the line between theatre and social festivities, with audiences joining us in events that are celebratory and elegiac, nostalgic and critical of these times. Previous projects include Guest House, Film, Offline, Live Chat, Schlock, Aftermath, It Is Like It Ought To Be: A Pastoral and Love Letters Straight From Your Heart.
Uninvited Guests’ work has toured nationally and internationally, showing in the UK, China, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria and Australia.



‘Deconstructing the Good Life’ Live art performance Directed and performed by Tom Marshman, Arnolfini,Bristol


32,000 Points of light- Sound Artist toured internationally presented as a simulator ride, 5.1 surround sound theatrical and binaural.

Internationally Toured Art work collaboration with artists– Duncan Speakman, Alex Bradley, Andy Gracie and Matt Mawford


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